John Geiger interview with Tony Blair in a new book: Hitchens vs. Blair

By February 27, 2011
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Debating religion

Hitchens Vs. Blair: Be It Resolved Religion Is a Force for Good in the World

Anansi, 79 pages, $14.95

When former British PM Tony Blair, a convert to Roman Catholicism, and ailing atheist polemicist Christopher Hitchens squared off in Toronto last Nov. 26, it was the hottest ticket of the season; even scalpers were having a hard time. The fame and eloquence of the debaters was, of course, the real draw for this latest in the Munk Debates series.

This little book is a complete transcript of a discourse that was both civil and forceful - you'll have to imagine the eloquent tones - and raised such questions as: What role should people of faith have in the public arena?; Does religion cement relationships among nations, or fuel conflict? The book is fleshed out with excellent interviews, Hitchens by Noah Richler and Blair by John Geiger. Heady stuff, though it will likely change few minds. The Globe and Mail


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John Geiger
February 27, 2011

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