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I remember a time when I and my son were just leaving from visiting our family cemetery. As I was walking toward my vehicle I slipped on ice, as I was falling I could feel the pressure on my back and shoulders that someone had caught my fall. I assumed my son had caught my fall but when I turned around there was nobody there and my son was already sitting in the vehicle. My son witnessed my fall and was stunned that I didn’t fall all the way to the ground, but had seen no one behind me either.

A couple of weeks later, I was at work in my office and noticed a single pine tree needle near my keyboard, I tossed it. The very next day I noticed another single pine needle again so I cleaned my desk completely. The next day another single pine needle was found sitting right there to were I couldn’t miss it. So I went looking for an explanation, thinking there had to be decorations in the office they could be coming from, but nothing. The next day at work I opened my daytime/calendar book on my desk and there was another single pine needle, I freaked out! I told my husband, he helped me figure out were the pine needles may have been coming from. The only explanation we could come up with is that the pine needle’s came from the pine wreath that I had taken to the cemetery two weeks prior. How they kept showing up at my office, who knows? I was excited to get back to my office the next day but I never found another pine needle again after that.

There have been a few other times when I had felt pressure on my shoulder as if someone placed there hand there as if to comfort me. I would share my thoughts out loud for a few seconds (thinking it was my husband) I would look back or turn around there would be no one there.

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