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I've experienced many non-hallucinatory third man like moments where a thought or feeling compels me to act in a seemingly irrational manner. Many of these events have no relevance to my activities at the time and yet these feelings are so strong that most of the time I do eventually explore the request, usually winding up grateful that I did.

Most are minor but still pertinent. Last night I as I was leaving our home to pick up my wife I had a strong urge to check our greenhouse. I had been working in there a couple of hours earlier and since everything was fine, I decided to postpone my investigation until returning.

When I got back I went straight to the greenhouse and found that the air intake line had disconnected from the fan causing the room temp and humidity to climb to plant killing levels. Although this was not a human life threatening event, this seems to be a normal occurrence for me now.

This could be a normal human capability which has led to the invention of god and religion creation as an explanation. I, however, don't go that far...

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